Woodbury Construction

This Woodbury home had stucco siding applied years before by a contractor.  Initially, we only planned to remove the outdated stucco siding on the house and replace it with something that looked a little more stylish. What we found under the surface of the stucco caused the project to change completely.
The contractor who initially put this stucco in place failed to follow the proper steps and weatherproof the finish, leading to damage appearing on the exterior of the house in the form of dry rot and mold. To fix this issue properly, we had to remove parts of the sheathing that were rotting away due to weather exposure. This damage was so bad in parts that to ensure the structural safety of the home, we had to rebuild portions of the back wall. We re-wrapped the home using Tyvek and updated the roof as well to ensure the structure of the home was fully restored.

With the structural work done, our team was able to move forward with the renovation. We built framing sweeps onto the door so the siding comes out at an angle, and flares over the stone. This is a custom framing process that adds to the style of the home and allows snow and rain to fall off, effectively protecting the surface. Traditional style gutters give the home another point of visual interest, and we added round leaders to make it unique and eye catching. Small details like this give the home a finishing touch that helps it stand out from others in the neighborhood.

Adding trim to the home is vital, but choosing the right kind is equally important. For this home in Woodbury we used mostly PVC trim. This product is like wood, easy to sand, nail, glue, finish and sculpt just as wood would be, but it is more likely to stand up to the elements over time. This stops rot before it can take hold. It's unlikely to break, but it can be repaired easily if anything happens.

The end result of this exterior renovation is a gorgeous, modern look for the home that makes it the envy of the other homes on the block.