Wading River Bungalow Renovation

Neighboring the Long Island Sound in northeastern Suffolk County are a collection of tiny communities known for attracting summer visitors with promises of scenic splendor and leisurely activity.

One such community in the Shoreham-Wading River area called Oakwood On The Sound is an excellent summer destination and one that our skilled contractors have been servicing for some time.

The area is known for its bungalow properties and strict community guidelines that guard against any major renovations that would fundamentally alter the aesthetics of the properties located there.

Our team was brought in to update one of the existing bungalows found in Oakwood On The Sound that was in dire need of a renovation. Prior to our involvement, this property was lifted, and a new floor system had already been installed.

In adherence to the rules set forth by the community, we had to maintain the aesthetic of the bungalow without drastically changing its appearance during the renovation process. So, our company began demoing small sections of the house and then rebuilt those sections afterwards.

We designed virtually all of the components of the home, from the window layouts to the roof. Everything was completed with care and made to meet our precise specifications.

The roof was framed using 3x10 beams that were shipped in from Washington State and for the sheathing, roofers were used, which are essentially 2x6 tongue and groove panels. These panels were custom milled in Canada and designed specifically to be used for the bungalow renovation.

With the front and middle sections of the bungalow accounted for, our team demoed the final section of the home and framed it up during the same day.

White vinyl windows were used to keep the cost down and these windows overlook the Long Island Sound. The home’s aesthetics were meant to appear natural, so everything was constructed out of wood without the use of any polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The posts were created using poplar and pre-stained cedar was utilized throughout the bungalow.

A cedar band was also stretched around the perimeter of the home to enclose the whole foundation in order to promote a neat and tidy appearance and to keep any unwanted animals out.

We had very few constraints impeding our work on this project, with the only real limitation being that the newly renovated bungalow needed to look like it had before the renovation began. The bungalow was a great project to work on and provided a beautiful view of the Long Island Sound.