Southampton Garage

One of the advantages of working with the team at Build NY Services is the experience and knowledge we have gained from years of working on projects in and around Long Island. This Southampton garage is a great example of how we used our knowledge of the local climate and building codes to customize a perfect solution for the client.

Initially, the property was home to an old garage that the family was no longer using. Over the years, the low elevation of the old garage meant that exposure to elements damaged the foundations. Our team knocked down the old garage and tore up the old concrete slab. We then poured a new concrete foundation that elevates the building to keep the garage above the flood line and minimize the damage caused by exposure to the elements.

With the initial design in place, our team worked to find a solution to an issue with the local ordinances. The sky exposure rule in Southampton is designed to keep homes from blocking their neighbors access to light or sky exposure. This means that when you stand on the edge of the property line, the building cannot enter the sky plane, which is considered to be 45 degrees. Instead of getting a variance to local laws, which costs money and causes delays, we worked with the architect to modify the garage design to a hip roof, which looks great and solves the issue.

In place of the old building, we built a 2 car garage with a loft above, which the family uses for a game room space. The stairs to the loft are located in the back to preserve the look of the garage as you approach. Two doghouse windows were placed on one side to allow light to come in and make the most of the loft space, even on winter days. With full insulation and power available in the garage, its a great place for family movie night, game tournaments, or Netflix binges.

If you'd like to see how we can transform a vacant space on your property, or remove an old structure and replace it with a beautiful new one, contact us today to get started.