Smithtown Home Restoration

New construction is often much easier and more straightforward than remodeling. There’s no need to focus on the prior work or additions made to a property since contractors have the ability to work from scratch, which is faster and far less troublesome.

Remodeling, on the other hand, requires contractors to think quickly on their feet and can involve making unexpected changes on the job site as needed. Remodeling takes more time, energy and creativity and there are some contractors that cannot handle this type of work, either because they are inexperienced or would rather focus their attention elsewhere.

We do not shy away from remodeling and work closely with the property owner to transform their structure and deliver results that exceed expectations.

What started with a homeowner’s request to redo a property’s siding and trim turned into a project that became much larger in scope. We assessed the condition of the sprawling ranch located in Smithtown, New York, and decided that because the home needed further modification, our company’s involvement had to extend to the property’s roof and deck.

We simply couldn’t replace the home’s siding and trim when it became clear to us that restoration work was needed to make the home look as seamless and uniform as possible.

We removed the entire deck from the Smithtown home since the area was largely unused and, in its place, a new addition to the house was constructed. It’s not clear what the homeowners planned to do with the new area, but this addition would provide ample room for storage or some extra closet space.

There are a total of 50 window and door units on the house. Worn-out doors were replaced entirely, while some of the windows were altered to meet our specifications.

Safe for all of the brown framing, the majority of the window units were in very good condition. We decided to spray the window frames with a special white commercial grade paint and installed a film on the glass before spraying the frames with three coats of paint. This innovative method allowed us to forgo changing the windows and interior moldings and saved the homeowners over $40,000 in the process.

We also stripped all of the cedar from the house. The existing cedar was very old and due to the previous homeowner’s neglect, it was impossible to revive. Cedar should be properly maintained, which involves periodic washing and staining, but there was no way that could be done to the home’s cedar in its current condition.

Stonework was also completed around the bottom perimeter of the home, which was previously left unfinished from a past project.

The property’s roof is high-end and is far from your ordinary architectural asphalt that’s very commonly seen in most homes. We built a GAF asphalt roof, which appears very flat and doesn’t have a lot of dimension to it, giving the property a distinct appearance.

We reframed the front of the house and installed arch double hung windows on the second floor. Window grilles were purchased for the entire home and were installed to give the property a more traditional appearance.

There were likely three major additions completed on the house over the years and so each time an addition was added there was little effort put into making the home appear uniform. The results gave the house an uneven or even choppy aesthetic.

We completely removed a non-functional chimney originally built on the left side of the property to hide the home’s air conditioning system. A second chimney located in the middle of the property was made larger, so that it was more proportional in relation to a third chimney located on the home’s right side. When we were nearing completion, the two remaining chimneys were stoned and the entirety of the front portion of the roof was reframed.

We go the extra mile in providing the best quality construction and pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clientele to create beautiful end results. This Smithtown property was no exception.