Massapequa Exterior Renovation

Home additions can be essential and offer the benefit of not having to remodel or sell your property to enjoy a larger living space.
Patio work isn’t without its challenges, but a good patio space can add an air of luxury to a home and is great for relaxation or hosting social events.
Build NY Services (BNYS) completed work on the outside patio of a Massapequa home, which took a duration of about six weeks to finish. Only a 1940’s cement patio existed at the back of the house before the BNYS contractors were tasked with completely revamping the entire space.
The new patio area was destined to be approximately 20 feet off of the back of the house and a whopping 40 feet long. BNYS started the project by pouring footings and small foundation walls for the structural portion of the job and then introduced columns for the gas fireplace.
A flat roof was installed and was built perfectly level with a tapered insulation board that created a pitch on the flat roof membrane and allowed for water to be pushed into the patio drains during snow or rainfall.
BNYS also handled all of the custom PVC work and labored on every aspect of the patio’s construction, including all of the panels, the crown and all of the moldings. Additionally, BNYS completed all of the electrical work and masonry that was required.
The homeowner showed some reluctance when it was suggested that the patio should feature stained cedar rather than ordinary vinyl siding but was ultimately very happy with the results.
The patio is totally enclosed with a couple of screen doors installed for entry and features the gas fireplace and gas heaters up in the ceiling. The space is a three-season room which will stay cool in the early Spring and late Fall but has the capacity to be warm during colder months.
The patio screens are made from a high-quality material, and with the press of a button they can be easily raised or retracted.
Overall, this particular project was costly, but the work completed by BNYS on this home addition completely transformed the patio space and added to the home’s general aesthetic and uniqueness as a whole.