Hampton Bays Outdoor Bathroom

The Peconic Bay area is known for its sandy beaches, calming waters and the many inlets and creeks along its shoreline. The area is also home to a number of waterfront properties that attract homeowners with discerning tastes.

We recently worked on the construction of an outdoor bathroom at the behest of a homeowner whose property is located on the Peconic Bay. There’s a pool located outside of the house and the thought behind constructing the outdoor bathroom was to allow house guests the option to shower off or use the facilities without having to enter the main home.

The walls of the outdoor bathroom were constructed with Red Balu, an exotic hardwood that offers outstanding durability and is naturally resistant to rot and decay. This was a perfect choice since this new construction will be exposed to the elements year-round. We buried Ipe posts four feet into the ground with concrete and then finished with the Red Balu to create the bathroom itself.

Since the homeowner’s property is located on the Bay, it was important for us to install high-end stainless-steel fixtures to withstand any damage posed by saltwater exposure, which is known to corrode certain appliances over time.

We ran all of the plumbing underground and hooked up the outdoor bathroom to the home’s septic tank, rather than having the excess drain into the earth. The underground plumbing was installed beneath the roots of two trees that we incorporated into the design of the bathroom so as not to compromise their integrity.

The bathroom’s vanity base is a wood base and we coated it with an exterior lacquer in order to create a protective seal to help shield it from inclement weather.

We also set down 2 x 2 blue stone pavers and used a Japanese water gravel to fill in the area between those pavers. Much like the fixtures, we also used stainless-steel hardware on the barn door that leads into the bathroom.

We attached a surfboard to the bathroom wall that serves as a housing for shower appliances while also hiding the plumbing that might otherwise be exposed.

Each winter we shrink wrap the bathroom, disconnect the various appliances and pour anti-freeze into the traps to prevent damage posed by the frigid temperatures. During the springtime, everything will be unwrapped, lightly power washed and cleaned so that it can be ready for use.

The Red Balu walls and stainless-steel hardware ensure that this outdoor bathroom will last for many years to come while needing only a minimal amount of maintenance.