Hampton Bays Master Bathroom Renovation

Aside from adding value to your home, a bathroom remodel can boost efficiency and functionality and create a stylish space that will serve you and your family for years to come.

Our team recently worked on the remodeling of a master bathroom in a Hampton Bays residence. We focused our efforts on a complete transformation of the space, with attention paid to the piping and tiling along with the water temperature control unit we installed and the addition of a luxury toilet.

All of the piping was calculated to have identical linear footage so that the same water pressure comes out of every nozzle at the same temperature and at the same time. Often, when pipes are arranged at different lengths some of them will heat up faster and the overall water pressure can be inconsistent, which is what we were able to avoid.

This master bathroom utilizes three different ceramics. The floor tiling features a 12 x 24 broken lay pattern and the far back wall in the shower area is a ceramic faux wood tile. The wall to the right of the shower uses an imported Italian white custom plaster that’s high-quality and waterproof.

The control unit was also imported from Italy and we had to account for a compatibility issue with the European wiring, where it was necessary to find the right connectors to connect the European plug and piping and allow them to work with American settings.

Ordinarily, you’ll have physical valves that control the shower water, but in this case the digital controller we installed allows a user to navigate a control screen instead. That digital interface controls the shower’s water temperature down to the exact degree. The control screen sends the inputted information directly to the control unit which activates and adjusts the water accordingly.

The toilet we installed has a minimalistic design and an assortment of extra features as well. It can be used as a bidet, it plays music, lights up and its lid will automatically open when it senses that someone is near.

Lastly, all of the lighting we worked into the master bathroom is LED, which is more reliable and energy-efficient and offers a high brightness and intensity. The shower door itself is constructed out of a custom tempered glass.